What happened to the SPV model in PPP projects? In my last column, I looked at removing equity lock-in restrictions to make the transfer of existing projects easier. Here, I look at a simple structure to reduce up-front risk in PPP projects - creating an SPV which contains key…
How restrictions on share transfers hinder M&A in Indian infrastructure projects (and other updates)
The Path to India's Climate Transition
Over the last year, Ajay Shah and I have worked on the path to India’s climate transition. We have a paper out, The lowest hanging fruit on the coconut…
In this piece, I suggest that while the developed world's climate equity claims are valid and must be pursued, India could take additional steps to…
The global retreat from fossil fuels - implications for Indian coal-fired power projects
Solar Manufacturing Policy, Covid, Soft Power, the International Solar Alliance
In this fortnight's piece, I argue that the state needs to have higher standards when it hires lawyers. Governments at all levels in India - municipal…
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